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C# (CSharp) programming help

We offer you 100% error free C# help and Tutoring at most reasonable price.

Ever since the modification of Java was being stopped for windows by sun, Microsoft then invented the C# as an answer for Java. This is the type of programming language invented to keep it modern but simple, for general purpose and as object-oriented programming language.  However, java does not some of its features for example low level access and operator overloading. It is supported with .NETCLR, the Microsoft’s .Net initiative whereas the portable version is generally known as Mono. The free and open source project to advance a runtime and compiler for the language is called Mono.

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We are there as your savior you just need to ask for help our support will not just guide you but provide you in-depth information regarding C# help and C# project help  – all you need to do is, get connected to us!

C# programming language is a modern language intended to develop several software applications.  We at ExpertLin understand the difficulty level of this programming language especially to students therefore we provide C# help. From the basics to advance knowledge and information we have efficient experts who are very friendly and generous to share all knowledge related to C sharp programming language to students. Our experts start from very basic like this general purpose programming language is developed by Microsoft while it is organized using .NET platform.

Furthermore C sharp is quiet alike to high-level language like Java and C++. Not only are these but languages like Delphi, C and VB.NET comparable to this language as well. With C# on the .NET platform the wide range of software is developed in form of desktop applications, office application, websites, web application, mobile application, games and others.

Nowadays, students need to study about various components and features of C#. With C# projects they often face various problems to find proper solutions. This programming language is especially created to work as common language infrastructure (CLI), consist of executable codes and runtime environment.

If you are looking for .NET help we have top notch c# (Csharp) and VB (Visual Basic) experts who can provide quick and easy understandable code. Our codes are unique and plagiarism free.

Below are few of the topics that we can assist you with:

C# Programming

Part # 1

  • C# Fundamentals
    • Namespaces, Input and Output
    • Value data types, Arrays, and References
    • Operators and Control Constructs
  • Method Parameters
    • Using ref
    • Using params
    • Using out

Part # 2 – Classes and Objects

  • Class Design
    • Fields, Properties, Accessors
    • Method Overloading
    • Constructors, Destructors, this keyword
    • Static Fields and Methods
  • Inheritance
    • Using base with Constructors and Methods
    • Polymorphism with virtual and override
  • Classes and Structs
    • Abstract Classes and Methods
    • Creating and Using Structs
    • The Object Class
    • Sealed Classes
    • Boxing and Unboxing

Part # 3 – Working with Objects

  • Exception Handling
  • Exception Objects
  • try, catch, throw, finally
  • Interfaces
  • Implementing and Extending Interfaces
  • Interfaces vs. Abstract Classes
  • The is and as Operators
  • Qualified Interfaces
  • Resource Management

Part # 4 – Delegates and Events

  • Delegates
  • The delegate keyword
  • Anonymous Methods, Lambda Expressions
  • Assigning Methods to Delegates
  • Events
  • The event keyword
  • Event Properties and Handlers
  • Publish-Subscribe Pattern
  • Standard Events
  • Using EventHandler and EventArgs
  • Callbacks
  • Using AsyncCallback and IAsyncResult

Part # 5 – Windows Programming in C#

  • Windows Forms
  • Controls and Components
  • Label, Button, TextBox, CheckBox
  • DateTimePicker, ImageList, Panel
  • ComboBox, RadioButtons, ListBox
  • FlowLayoutPanel and TableLayoutPanel
  • Window Applications
  • MenuBars, MenuItems, Status Bars
  • Window Events

Part # 6 – Threads

  • The Thread Class
  • Timer Threads
  • Starting Threads, Thread Priorities
  • Interlocked, Monitor, and lock()

Part # 7 – Generics and Collections

  • Generics
  • Generic Delegates
  • Generic Methods and Classes
  • Collections
  • Indexers
  • ArrayList, List, LinkedList
  • Stack and Queue
  • Dictionary

Part # 8 – File I/O and Streams

  • File and Directory Management
  • Reading and Writing Binary Files
  • Reading and Writing Text Files

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